Rozober, in Bulgarian pronounced [ROZOBÉR] is the rose picking ritual taking place in the Bulgarian Rose Valley in May and June. It gives the name of our brand because the precious base of all our products is the one and only Bulgarian Rose Otto (Damascena). The ROZOBER elixirs are result of long years of research on how to blend the perfect combination of natural oils for optimal results without oily finish and quick process of oxidation. The formulas are simple yet sophisticated, but most of all – clean and effective. Every drop of ROZOBER elixir is pure, organic and possesses the ultimate anti-age power based on centuries of knowledge on plants, flowers and herbs.

The Rose is the Queen of Flowers and Bulgarian Rose Otto is the definitive Queen of skincare and fragrance. The unique blend of active and aromatic ingredients contained in the Bulgarian rose is due to the specific climate and soil of the Rose Valley in Kazanlak. Early morning at dawn, while the rose flowers are fresh and moisture by the dew is the moment when the rose picking begins. The precise steam distillation process should happen very quickly after picking so the rose petals keep their full potent action.

60 roses (approx. 3,000 rose petals) are needed for one single drop of Rose Oil, and in every ROZOBER elixir we put 3 drops of it. This quantity is generous and rich enough without being over heavy. Just imagine, in your beautiful ROZOBER bottle there are 180 roses! The rose oil we are using is organic Bulgarian Rose Otto oil, the liquid gold of our country. The Bulgarian rose oil contains complex natural blend of 300 anti-aging and collagen boosting components which makes it unique in the world of plant based cosmetic ingredients. Among its glorified actions are:

  1. anti-inflammatory (inflammation is the most significant source of blemishes, redness and acne)
  2. anti-oxidant (the free radicals destroys the skin cells and accelerate signs of premature aging)
  3. restorative (the aggression from external environment such as sun, pollution and smoke destroys the protective skin barrier).

ROZOBER elixirs contains tailor made blend of precious oils for targeted action on overall youth, brightening, nourishing and night care. We use only certified organic oils in a balanced proportion for quick yet long term results. The good news about pure oils is that they work in synergy and form a real powerhouse for the skin providing exactly what is needed. The skin epidermis absorbs the oils quickly and distributes their precious molecules in its internal ecosystem where they fill the gaps, made by various reasons like age, stress, bad nutrition and lack of sleep. Some of the base oils we are using are the well-known skin-alike Sweet Almond, Olive and Jojoba, the anti-age heroes Pomegranate, Camellia and Rosehip and the new super stars in skincare Baobab, Marula and Black cumin. Every elixir contains its very own blend enriched by the precious Rose Otto combined with other 6 to 8 essential oils for complete formulation. Their potent action complements the Rose oil for ultimate youthful results. The brightening power of Neroli, the refining and beautifying action of Frankincense and cell protective effect of Jasmine are just some of our essential oil secrets in ROZOBER.

How are the ROZOBER elixirs produced?

All our elixirs contains only natural oils, no additives, no perfumes, no stabilizers, pure nature in every drop. In all our formulations we are guided by the principle of “less is more”. We use only what the skin needs and the type of oils which are able to penetrate the outer layer of the skin. This is how it is easily explained why ROZOBER does not stay on the surface of the skin and goes into the epidermis where the active molecules start to work. One of the main advantages of using the Rozober elixirs is the purest form of cellular action they perform. The essential oils are natural components which does not interact with pathogens and are resistant to bacteria. This makes the essential oils action effective vs. inflammation which is recognized by the modern dermatology as a main cause for imperfections, blemishes and premature aging.